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Generate increased shareholder value through profitable growth

One of Essity’s objectives is to generate long-term value for its shareholders and that the Essity share will deliver a higher total shareholder return than competitors. In order to increase value creation and the total shareholder return, we focus on profitable growth. We are investing in future growth and working to increase profitability and grow where profitability is high.

Enable more people every day to enjoy a fuller life

What makes Essity successful is the understanding, knowledge and insight about the needs of customers and consumers and the ability to transform this into innovative offerings that increase quality of life and make everyday life easier for people. Essity strives to offer the best value for customers and consumers through value-added hygiene and health solutions for everyone. We adapt our offering to local and regional market conditions to increase hygiene and health standards worldwide. Essity wants to reach more people by promoting a global dialogue concerning hygiene, health and well-being.

Contribute to a sustainable and circular society

The circular economy is a business model that involves minimizing resource consumption and waste, and creating a closed loop for reusing, recycling or composting. Essity strives to minimize its environmental impact and to develop products and solutions that can be used in a circular society. Work contributing toward a sustainable and circular society requires new business solutions and innovations at the same time as new business opportunities are created.

Enable our employees to realize their full potential, as part of one winning team

Essity’s success depends upon having motivated, competent and result-oriented employees. As a global employer, we aim to offer opportunities for current and potential employees to develop and realize their full potential. Essity wants to provide a strong company culture with an engaging and inclusive leadership based on our “Beliefs & Behaviors”.